11 reasons the new Sarajevo exceeds expectations

Well-marked hiking trails, including the scenic Via Dinarcia, through the mountains of the Dinaric Alps are easy day trips from Saravejo.
February 27, 2018 | 12:01 am / cnn.com
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Uniform rows of identical white headstones fill the green space in the small yards of mosques and churches throughout Sarajevo, each one bearing a date that seems too recent for a European war.

Only a few blocks outside the city center, some buildings are still pockmarked with bullet holes.Reminders of the war that dissolved Yugoslavia are everywhere, but the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is due for a fresh look as signs of a vibrant future begin to outshine those of the nearly four-year siege that devastated Sarajevo during the early 1990s.

New hotels add a measure of comfort to what has mostly been a backpacker destination, and five airlines announced new services to the city in the last year, including Qatar Airways and the budget carrier Wizz Air. Now the enigmatic city exudes a modern cool in numerous ways, such as a sculpture garden skate park in the restored Austro-Hungarian quarter and margaritas served in the preserved Ottoman bazaar within earshot of the Muslim call to prayer.

Timothy Clancy, an American who came to Bosnia as a volunteer in 1992 and never left, said he's spent most of his adult life shining a positive light on a place that most travelers think of as a war-torn wasteland. "One advantage is, people have low or no expectations," he says. "And Sarajevo drastically exceeds them every time."

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